Impact of the Advent of Printed Circuit Boards

The printed circuit board is one of the most amazing creations in the world of electronics. Just imagine that many large machines today could be controlled by a very small integrated circuit. Before, electronic circuits fill spaces as large as one room. Due to the advances in technology, circuits shrunk to become as tall as a door, then became as small as a chair. With the advent of printed circuit boards, electronic circuits shrunk to being as small as 3-5 inches or even smaller.

Computer technology benefits the most from the advent of printed circuit boards. Because of integrated circuits, the logic, arithmetic, as well as memory of the computer can now be handled by a single chip called microprocessor. Modern microprocessors can be made to be no bigger than a finger. This is amazing, considering that computer memories before are stored in one room wherein the components are bigger than a human.

Reduction in size of integrated electronic circuits and machines has interconnected benefits.

One is the introduction of mobile machines such as laptops, mobile phones, and other smart gadgets. Data can also be stored in USB flash drives, which are no bigger than a finger. SD cards inserted into smartphones are as small as fingernails.

Increase of processing speed is also attributed to shrinkage of the circuit size. This is due to the decrease in the distance the electric current travels. The components of traditional electric circuits are connected via wirings. Each electric component is separated to other components by meters. That means, the currents reaches the other components slower, but not slower than most would think. In an integrated circuit, on the other hand, the current travels from one component to another by micrometers. Considering this distance, the speed in which signals are conveyed from component to component is greatly increased.

Lastly, the decrease in energy consumption is an important perk brought forth by developments in integrated circuits. The components of traditional circuitry are maintained by high voltages, while integrated circuits only require low voltages (not enough to shock a human).

To understand the efficiency of printed circuit boards against traditional wiring system, take a look at a simple electric circuit. A simple electric circuit is composed of a battery, wires, and a bulb. The negative charge flows from the one side of the battery. This charge flows through the wires and reaches the bulb. Once the charge reaches the filament (a thin wire) of the bulb, it heats up and glows. The charge continues to flow on the other wire until it reaches the other side of the battery. The same principle could be applied to a more complex circuitry, though the current may not flow in one way.

Printed Circuit BoardsIn traditional circuitry, components (not bulb but diodes, capacitors, resistors, transistors, etc) have distances from one another but are also connected by wires. On the other hand, in integrated circuits, the distance between components and wires are totally absent. Each component is connected mechanically and electronically by the printed circuit board.

The major part of a printed circuit board, called substrate, is composed of non-conducting materials such as cotton paper, plastic or fiber glass. Substrate can firmly hold the components, each in very close distance with one another. As a non-conducting material, the substrate doesn’t allow the current to flow freely within it.

Copper traces or tracks are etched on top of the substrate. These tracks serve as the conducting metal pathways through which electric current flows. This replaces the role of wires in an integrated circuit.

The components in an integrated circuit are very tiny. The redesigning and reduction of size of these components is again attributed to the advent of the printed circuit board. Each component has lead or metal tabs which are used to connect to the copper traces.

It is almost impossible today to think of a more efficient wiring system than printed circuit boards.

Electronic gadgets these days use printed circuit sheets, or Printed circuit board, in performing their assigned capacities.

The Perks of Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers engage in inspiring others through their life experiences. They make a living out of encouraging people to do something better about themselves, their careers, and relationships. In turn, speakers benefit from their own words of positive reinforcement. In the process of sharing their speeches, speakers also reap the rewards of having an optimistic outlook and a positive attitude towards life.

Personal Fulfillment

Being a motivational speakers can be very fulfilling. They not only become recipients of their own advice to improve their own lives, they also benefit from the feedback of the people to whom they share their words of wisdom. It can really be very fulfilling for a motivational speaker to know that his messages have positive impact on his audiences. It is rewarding to see other people take his words of wisdom by heart and applied these thought to their own lives. Nothing compares to the pleasure speakers feel when they realize that they have improved someone’s life through their inspiring speeches.


keynote-speakerMotivational speakers are great public speakers. They are comfortable in talking in front of groups of people which lead them to becoming widely seen and known by other professionals. These speakers become famous not only through their physical appearances during their talks, they also have products such as books or recordings that are widely distributed online and in stores. Through these means, a motivational speaker can achieve a celebrity status. Since they are always expose to other professionals during their talks and through their products, more career opportunities may open to them.

Some speaking engagements may also give speakers a chance to travel. They may also be invited to speak in front of various individuals coming from different industries and profession. Because of this, speakers are also exposed to new areas of expertise which broaden their knowledge and skills.

Financial Gains

By speaking for few hours at seminars and conferences, speakers are able to earn high fees.Motivational speakers make sales through public speaking, selling of books, CDs and the programs they develop. They also earn by coaching and giving consultations to individuals or groups. These people earn salaries averaging nearly ninety thousand dollars in a year. To be able to be qualified, some of them have bachelor’s and master’s degree on their chosen field. Aside from that, experience and expertise are very important. In the United States last 2013, they have recorded that the lowest salaries in the west region was earned in Hawaii with $57,000. The highest was in California with $95,000. In the east, New York had the highest earnings with $106,000 and Maine got the lowest with $75,000. The demand for speakers is based on fame and recognition. Those who are less famous earn a lot through advertisements, books, DVDs and CDs.


Motivational speakers get engagements in different places. This gives them the chance to travel around the world. Through this advantage, they get the freedom to motivate people in different fields or industries. Through going to different places, they get to increase their experiences and knowledge. A motivational speaker does not have to stay in one place to earn and inspire people. The more they reach places, the more they can motivate different audience.

Being a motivational speaker does not only mean you have a good decent job. This kind of job gives you experiences and also further develops your knowledge. Becoming a motivational speaker gives you a chance to change people to be the better version of themselves. The words speakers give to their audience give them the chance to develop their full potential in their chosen field. Motivational speakers have the ability to inspire, guide and direct people towards achieving success in their lives.