Wat You Might Be Missing in SEO

SEO Not Working? Here’s What You May Be Missing Out On

Admittedly, SEO doesn’t always work the first time around – because digital marketers often miss the most important components of the effort. Always remember that SEO is a process, and it is far more than just web development or getting the latest plug-ins on your website.

Today’s post that mentions tips from SEOExplode will touch on all the gaps in SEO that could be holding back your business from the success it so deserves. Time to roll up our sleeves and change tack for long-term victories this year.

Aim To Become An Authority

 authority sites

This should be the long-term goal of any business – because with authority comes trust and expertise, too, and that actually sets apart your business from everyone else in the same niche. Many businesses become ‘known’ to an extent but do not become an authority or expert, not really – but you can.

The key, as you may have guessed, has something to do with the content production of your website. Businesses should look at how their content is being distributed and if they are actually reaching their target audience. Both content distribution and promotion need to be viewed from the lens of wanting to become an expert or authority in your niche.

Is there a way to fast-track the process? Well, no, but you can ensure that your business will be well on its way to becoming an authority by doing two things: hiring expert authors who really know what they are writing about (usually these are writers that have been focused on specific industries for years) and by utilizing the best information and data available for your particular industry or market.

While due credit will be given to both, it is imperative that the content leans toward creating the image of the branding as the authority when it comes to specific types of information.

According to Frederic Dubut of Microsoft’s Search & AI, there is a shift to developing AI that would rank documents (i.e. web pages) in a way that emulates how humans would rank them.

Think about this for one second and you will understand why quality is such a big issue now with SEO. If web pages are to be arranged like regular files by a human would be pre-evaluating the content based on depth, engagement, and usefulness, poorly written and thin content would barely scrape by.

Furthermore, intelligent AI serving Bing and Google are quite capable of generalizing search results, as it would not be tenable to set different types of criteria for every search term that pops up in the woodwork.

Start Being Technical With Your SEO

 technical SEO

Building your business’ reputation is integral to your success, but there are other factors that may collectively have a large impact on your success o the search engines. Technical SEO should encompass several key domains that are now being seen as important factors that affect search rankings.

The first factor is site speed. For more than a year now it has been observed that because Google has shifted to its mobile first policy, it is now rewarding websites with faster page loading times repeatedly. This is a tremendous change from what was the norm years ago, when websites loaded for as long as they wanted. Now, the average page loading time on mobile is actually forcing websites to speed up their websites – and this actually good news for everyone.

Why? Because with page speed comes simplicity, and the removal of elements on the page that just slow down and decrease the positive experience of users. If you design your pages with ease of use in mind, you can’t go wrong – and Google will reward you precisely because you are focusing on delivering what people want. The user-centric approach has definitely shaken a lot of people (and websites), but we really feel that this is a move in the right direction, because there is definitely nothing wrong with making user experience as positive as possible.

There is also an increasing dependence on Javascript, so now would be a good time for you to start applying it to your website, as Javascript is agile and flexible, and can be used to complement HTML5 technology. Large frameworks that rely on Javascript like React are fast becoming the norm, as search engines are able to crawl and interact best with Javascript-driven websites.

And finally, there is the concept of the progressive web app or PWA. The concept isn’t new, but it really does make sense because if your website is really useful and easy to use, users would want to keep your PWA on their home screens. Imagine having your website that close to your users – you’d have outdone yourself by then.

On-Page Optimization

on page seo factors

And finally, here are some on-page optimizations that you might want to start implementing to begin improving your website’s UX:

– Your content must answer the most common and essential questions cleanly and directly.

– The internal search function of your website should return relevant queries

– The conversion process for any transaction with your business should be sped up and shortened to make the transactions more convenient for users

– Ideally, there should also be customer support present so customers can ask questions and get prompt responses to their queries

– The implementation of chat bots is also a move in the right direction as common user queries can be taken care of immediately and you can even integrate basic processes like registration to the chat bot script

– If your website sells physical products, make sure that repeat customers will be able to purchase previously stocked items easily.

But what about voice search? What we do know about voice search is that it has been growing steadily with the advent of voice-assisted technologies, and people are finding this technology increasingly indispensible. Some companies may not have that much of a need for it yet, but that doesn’t mean that your website and content shouldn’t be optimized for voice search. It’s 2019 – it’s high time for everyone to be ready for such technologies.


Enjoy the Hot Summer with the Help of a Misting Fan

Summer is a time to enjoy, relax, and have fun with your family and friends. Because children and young adults are having a break from school during the summer, it is a great season to have some quality time with them. However, the scorching heat of the sun might prevent you from going out and make the best out of the summer season. Fortunately, you could still enjoy the summer with the help of a misting fan.


Here are some of the great ways that you could enjoy the summer heat and appreciate the beauty of the summer sun by using a misting fan:

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  1. Go to the Beach-The best way to enjoy the summer is to go to a beach and take a dip. Summer is a great time to enjoy the sea, the sun, and the sand. Spending a day at the beach is generally fun and relaxing. The only downside is that you have to endure the painful summer heat. Well, not anymore. There are a lot of portable, battery operated misting fans that you could carry around and use anywhere, even at the beach. Now you could hang out and spend hours lying on the sand without having to worry about much heat.
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Extreme heat should not prevent you from enjoying the summer. With the help of a reliable misting fan, you could get the best out of the summer season.