Golf Clubs, Their Types, and Buying Cheap Golf Clubs

Golf has been a favorite pastime of many people all over the world. One of the few ball games that do not actually need a standardized playing area, modern golf had been around since the 15th century. Scholars still debate about where the actual idea of golfing came from. Some attribute it to the Romans, others the Chinese, and still others theorize that it was the French who first came up with the concept.

The modern golf game was first mentioned in when King James II banned it in 1457. Later, the king became a golfer himself and lifted the ban, and it was in the years 1503-1504 that golf clubs were first mentioned. Golf clubs are the most iconic of all the golf equipment, with their use and development evolving through the centuries.

Golf clubs all share the common attribute of a shaft with a grip and a club head. While the standard set is made up of 14 gold clubs, golfers are free to have and use as many golf clubs of any type as they desire. The difference between golf clubs lies in their type and their loft, which is the angle between the club’s face and its vertical plane (this is important in calculating the trajectory of the golf ball when it is hit).

Golf Club Types

There are four types of golf clubs and two subtypes. The types are important to know when a person is buying a set of cheap golf clubs, as the prices of each type vary. The types of golf clubs are wood, iron, hybrid, and putter. The two subtypes are wedge (which is under iron), and chipper (which is under putter).


Wood clubs are used to drive the golf ball towards great distances. They are characterized by their large heads and long shafts. While wood clubs were originally made of wood, nowadays wood clubs are made from carbon fiber or titanium. They are still called “woods” because of their distinguishing shape.


Iron clubs have an all-metal head and a shorter shaft. What makes them different from woods is that they have a more upright angle. They’re used in a variety of shots, thus being the most adaptable. Like wood clubs, irons have kept their name despite the fact that they are now made of different materials (mainly steel alloys). Iron-forged golf clubs are still used, however, by more experienced golfers.

Golf Club

The subtype of irons, which are the wedges, are characterized with their greater lofts, high mass club heads, and their wide soles. Wedges are typically used to make short-distance or high-altitude shots.


Hybrid golf clubs mix wood and iron, making them able to hit the ball great distances while giving the golfer the feel of an iron club’s swing. The head of a hybrid leans towards a wood’s design, albeit smaller. Hybrids are typically seen in ladies’ and seniors’ golf sets.


Putters are specialized golf clubs, with their lofts not exceeding ten degrees. They are mainly used to roll the ball along the terrain. Putters stand out as the type to have two striking faces, bent shafts, and other features to help a golfer with his aim. The subtype of the putter, which is the chipper, has a more lofted face and a loft greater than ten degrees. This makes it so that while it feels like a putter, a golfer can use it to get his ball out of high, grassy areas and into the green.

Buying Golf Clubs on a Budget

1.Figure out if the need is great

Before a person goes out looking for new cheap golf clubs, he should first determine whether he really needs to buy new clubs. For those who do want to play golf, of course the need exists; but for those who simply want to upgrade their golf clubs, they may have to sit on the question a little more. One good reason to get a newer set of cheap golf clubs is that the old set has suffered through wear and need to be replaced. Another is that the golfer may have progressed from being a beginner to a more proficient golfer, and is ready to upgrade the starter set of clubs for ones befitting his skill level.

2.It’s not bad to buy second hand

Most cheap golf clubs will be secondhand, so a person shouldn’t be afraid of looking for them. These clubs will have signs of use such as scratches and worn grips, but a person shouldn’t fret so much. Worn grips are also cheap to replace, and secondhand golf clubs could be found both online and even in large golfing stores.

3.Try out the golf club

This is a must, even when buying cheap golf clubs. A golfer must get a feel of the club and see how it performs. This also ensures that the club the person is trying is not counterfeit, as counterfeit clubs perform very poorly. If a person is buying the club online, it would good to go to a store to try out a similar club, just to get a feel of it before ordering.

4.Consider age

While it may not seem important, age is actually a factor for many golf clubs. For instance, aging players might favor more flexible shafts to give them more distance, while younger ones prefer theirs stiffer.

5.Get last year’s models

There will not be a lot of physical differences between the current year and last year’s golf clubs, and they will be a lot cheaper too.

6.A beginner does not need a full set

If a person is just trying out golf for the first time, he does not need to purchase a full set of 14 clubs. Around five or six will do while he is getting a feel of the game.

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