Documents and Items to Prepare to Avail of Full Funeral Services

The death certificate is a very important document. It is proof that the person named in the document has indeed passed away. This proof is needed before helpful benefits and insurance could be released to the family of the deceased. Not only do insurance companies and social security want to be sure that the person is indeed dead but they also want to make sure that it was not a death that would render the benefit void.

Funeral services

The good news is that most topnotch funeral homes offer the procurement of the death certificate as part of their regular funeral services. Before the funeral home can do anything about the death certificate, however, the deceased family should provide important data and information. How do you go about doing that?

Provide important data

Some data are very basic. The family could just provide the full legal name of the deceased along with his date of birth, place of birth, name of spouse, and mother’s maiden name. Other helpful data include legal residence, level of education, occupation, and social security number. Basically these are the most important personal information that clearly defines who the person was. That sense of identity provides a unique factor, showing that the person who has died was really the one being referred to. Simply presenting the full legal name may not be enough because there may be other people with the same name.

Back the data up with documents

In this day and age, it is not enough to provide the data. You have to back that data up. You have to provide documents in order to receive another document.

For the full legal name, date of birth, and place of birth, you need the deceased’s birth certificate. If the person had changed his name at some point in his life, the document proving the legal name change should also be provided. A married woman’s marriage certificate can also serve as proof of change of surname. For both genders, a marriage certificate can prove the next of kin.

Other data could be backed up with diplomas or certificates of employment. A social security card, on the other hand, would show the social security number of the deceased.

Full funeral services require the perusal of data and proof. It is up to you to provide that proof, though, so that important documents may be prepared.

What other papers or proof should be prepared?

For those who plan to avail of veteran’s benefits, military discharge papers (DD 214) should be prepared, as well. Insurance policy information should also be ready for perusal by the company the policy was brought from. The company may well have a copy of the policy, but it is best that you have your own copy ready. Assistance in availing military benefits should be part of your full funeral services.

What other data should you provide the funeral home?

Funeral services also provide the writing of an obituary. So, you talk to your funeral director or any funeral home employee in charge of the obituary about the information you want to include. The obituary is, after all, a shortened version of the deceased’s life and personality. The person who knows the departed loved one best should provide the info.

What other items should you provide?

How do you want your loved one to be buried? Should they be buried in their best clothes or their military uniform? Will your loved one wear his favorite jewelry? What photograph should be displayed near the casket and what other photographs should be included in the memorial DVD? These items, along with the mentioned data and information, should also be provided to the funeral home.